Probe-Scanning High-Speed
Atomic Force Microscope "PS-NEX"

- unique AFM* that can realize the true 'in situ' observation -


New Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) "PS-NEX" incorporates a number of special features including existing model's ability of nano-scale video imaging of protein, DNA and other biological molecules.
It can be used with any optical microscope on hand, and the high-speed AFM video imaging & fluorescence imaging can be acquired simultaneously.
Both "PS-NEX" and "SS-NEX", High-Speed Atomic Force Microscope,was developed based on the research achievements accomplished by Prof. Ando in Kanazawa University.

* AFM : Atomic Force Microscope


New features

  • Mirror tilt system
    Laser tracking high-speed scan by mirror synchronization tailored to displacement of cantilever
  • Compact, lightweight AFM head
    Lightweight & compact design and easy sample setting
    About one-tenth size and volume down of conventional AFM head
  • Fast and stable feedback control
    Achieving precise and reliable observation of sample surface under high speed scanning
  • Micro cantilevers for fast scanning
    High resonance frequency
    Low spring constant
    Observation of soft samples with negligible damage

In combination with optical microscope

  • Nano-scale observation of fluorescence-labeled sites
  • Resourcing for any type of market available optical microscope (optional)

Drastic reduction in constraints of substrate and sample size

  • Observation of samples on slide glass, petri dish etc.

Realization of both wide area and probe scan

  • Rapid identification of the observation area
  • Maximum coverage area: 60 µm× 60 µm

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Standard system specification

Scan system Probe scan : High speed scanning (AFM observation)
Stage scan : Slow scan (position adjustment)
High speed scanning
(Probe scan)
Scanning range : X: 5 µm, Y: 7 µm, Z: 2 µm
Scan speed : 150 ms / frame (6.7 frames / sec )
Slow scan
(stage scan)
Scanning range : X: 60 µm, Y: 60 µm
Scan speed : 60 s / frame
Sample size 36 mm × 36 mm × 3 mm (Φ50mm)
Sample stage movement range 20 mm × 20 mm
Observation environment In liquid
Probe sensing system Optical detection system by mirror tilting (optical lever system)
Observation mode AC mode (shape image, error image, phase image)
Laser 790 nm (Infra-red)
Optical microscope Standard specified product
Rack, anti-vibration table It is changed according to the installation environment
  • The scanning range of the scanner is a typical value.
  • Scan speed is determined for each scanner with specific conditions, and it does not guarantee the scanning speed at the maximum scanning range.
  • Regarding the options, taking into account on the user needs, the required set up will be arranged by visiting any time.

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Total internal reflection
fluorescence microscope
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